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WordPress Holiday Time Out for me! Free Book Offer for 2 of you!

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Summertime! In saying that, all email received will still be dealt with and answered, as always, but full support will only be guaranteed for Fix My WP subscribers.... (more)

How I Dramatically Improved my WordPress Load Time

Offsite WordPress Speed Optimization Guide Last May I used MaxCDN cdn services and I improved my pagespeed considerably In fact my loading times through MaxCDN were recorded as... (more)

How to show Cross-Domain Fonts in Mozilla FireFox

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Working with my clients doesn’t leave me any free time to update and check my own website FixMyWP.com for any issues. Since I work mostly with Chrome and... (more)

How to Hotlink Animated GIF Files on the Cloud

Use Cloud Services for hotlinking your static files Creating an Animated GIF presentation for my latest WooCommerce Plugin Create unlimited Tabs to your WooCommerce Product Page” href=”http://fixmywp.com/go/wootabs-codecanyon” target=”_blank”... (more)

How to Add Google+ Interactive Posts on a WordPress Website

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WordPress Plugin for Google+ Interactive Posts Video Guide Google for some time now has enabled Google+ Interactive Posts from within their API so that webmasters and website owners... (more)

How To Solve “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” after a DataBase Prefix Change

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Can’t log into you WordPress Dashboard after a Database Prefix change? Well, even though you may have changed your database table prefixes from the old wp_ to the... (more)

Is Your WordPress Website Hacked? How to Tell

Signals of a Hacked WordPress Website Hundreds of WordPress Websites are getting hacked each day mostly because their webmasters never paid any attention to the plugins, themes and... (more)

Are you looking for a Faster and More Secure WordPress Site?

WordPress Configuration Cheat Sheet for wp-config.php If you want to make your WordPress Site load faster and more secure in just a few seconds, without changing hosts or... (more)

About the Auto Update Feature for WordPress 3.7

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A Quick Guide about WordPress Auto Update Feature One of the most important features that were added to this release was the Auto Update Feature which by default... (more)

How to Add Expire Headers to Speed Up your WordPress Site

Optimize your WordPress Site for SEO and Reduce your Bounce Rates. The faster your site loads the better is for your SEO and for your Bounce Rates. Expire... (more)