Bryan and

Posted on November 17, 2016

I came to FIXMYWP from a google search after trawling many blogs and sites looking for the answer to my wordpress site problem. I never found the answer until i came across Makis and his website.
I sent a message asking for help as my site was broken and nobody could help.
In 20 minutes after making a reasonable purchase, Makis found the problem to be a host server PHP issue out of date which was destroying my cms.
I switched to HOSTMYWP soon after this and my site is safe and secure and he has even speeded the site up drastically, well worth the extra cost for hosting to have all the peace of mind that Makis is keeping my site safe, secure and free from errors.

Don't look elsewhere for your website fix give Makis a message and he will fix your problem no worries.

Sound company sound advice and an excellent service from Makis. Look no further Makis is the one.

Bryan Greenall