Last updated on December 26th, 2015 at 10:14 pm

I highly recommend hiring Makis to fix your website.

He is very professional and my issues were resolved within a few hours.

Finally I have found someone to help with all my wordpress problems and I will never waste time again spending hours or even days trying to fix them myself.

Nico Timmermans

Need a WP PRO? Spent some time finding Makis, well-worth the search.

He went right to work.

He checked out what we thought was the problem and then fixed what was ACTUALLY the problem! All this... across a time zone or two!

Jaye Myrick

Quick and responsive. Affordable.

I was super impressed with Makis' professionalism and willingness to fix my site quickly.

I hope I don't have another hack, but if I do, I'll go with Fix My WP!

Chris Owenby

I was so lucky to have found Fix My WP online when I was looking for assistance with my WorPpress sites. My site load times were slow and I needed Makis to help me fix this. When he worked on the site, he learned that my server was the major problem with the slowness I had on both the front end and back end of my site.

With his help, my sites were moved to a new host with less server load. Things are so much better.

But where I really want to gush about Makis was with his responsiveness. I must have sent him about a million questions during the time we worked together, most of which were undoubtedly stupid. He was incredibly patient and explained everything in a way I could understand. I now have a great resource for any time I need help with my WordPress sites.

I highly recommend Fix My WP!

Liana Roxanne Clark

I am so glad to find Makis. He is fast, professional and definitely knows his business.

My business was completed efficiently and I was always kept in the loop about what was needed and why. I think he is very reasonably priced. He seems to work at all hours of the day making it convenient for his customers no matter what time zone they are in.

I would tell anyone to put their site in his capable hands.

Marilyn Lesniak

Amazing customer service!!!

Responds very quickly as well A++++++

Joseph Markus

Outstanding service simply the best I would think of having anyone else work on my sites.

He also has a great WordPress hosting and SEO help.

THANK YOU great job!!

Don Johnson

Last updated on November 27th, 2016 at 10:11 pm

I came to FIXMYWP from a google search after trawling many blogs and sites looking for the answer to my wordpress site problem. I never found the answer until i came across Makis and his website.
I sent a message asking for help as my site was broken and nobody could help.
In 20 minutes after making a reasonable purchase, Makis found the problem to be a host server PHP issue out of date which was destroying my cms.
I switched to HOSTMYWP soon after this and my site is safe and secure and he has even speeded the site up drastically, well worth the extra cost for hosting to have all the peace of mind that Makis is keeping my site safe, secure and free from errors.

Don't look elsewhere for your website fix give Makis a message and he will fix your problem no worries.

Sound company sound advice and an excellent service from Makis. Look no further Makis is the one.

Bryan Greenall

Highly recommend FixMyWP for all of your WordPress maintenance needs.

I needed to change the domain name of my site without losing all my old data and redirect all URL's to the new domain.

Makis was clear, concise, and prompt in his communication and was able to get my new domain up and running within the course of an hour!

Megan Opel

Makis is my go-to guy for all WP & hosting problems.

He's saved my behind on a number of occasions.

Brett Foreign