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Fix your WordPress Hacked Site without any downtime

WordPress is the best and most used content management system (CMS) in the world. However, its popularity means that hackers often target unsuspecting users just like you. If you own a WordPress Hacked Site, we are here to help.

We can clean and update your WordPress Site in 24 hours or less.

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Hacked Fix Process

  • We Setup a Temporary Branded Holding Page while we work on your site. This will let your visitors know that your site will be under maintainance mode for a while.
  • We scan both automatically and manually your WordPress Site for any vulnerabilities and malware.
  • We Clean your WordPress Website from any hacked files, database entries and backdoors.
  • We update your site core files, themes and plugins to the latest version available making sure its patched and secured for any future hacking attempts.
  • We run a security scan making sure your site is free of malware.
  • We Verify ownership of your site in Search Console.
  • We submit a Google Review Request in order to remove your site from its blacklists.
  • We email you back a Malware Removal Report.

Hacked Fix Cases

  • Defaced Sites
  • Pharma Hacks
  • Spam links in theme source files and site content
  • Drive by Downloads
  • Website Backdoors
  • MySQL Injections
  • Cross Site Scripting(XSS)
  • Spam E-mail Abuse
  • Blacklist Removal
  • Browser Warnings
  • Google Warnings
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Content Injections
  • Spammy Redirects

WordPress Hacked?

You have worked hard to create your WordPress website, far too hard for someone to come along and ruin it. Hacking can occur for a number of reasons:

  • compromised ftp credentials
  • outdated WordPress installation
  • vulnerable themes and plugins
  • insecure web hosting and weak passwords

A Hack-Free Future

A hack will have a hugely detrimental effect on your reader base and search engine ranking. This is caused by the insertion of malicious code and the distribution of malware.
Not only does this put your readers at risk, it will lead to a drop in rankings, or worse, a complete ban from search engines.
You do not want this to happen and neither do we.

Our Expertise

If you have had your WordPress website hacked what to do next is a very important step to make. We are skilled in dealing with all manner of hacking issues and have the necessary expertise to ensure your WordPress Website is not only cleaned, but also protected from a similar situation happening in the future.
We will review all of your code, files, and plugins to ensure there is no malicious code and make sure that everything is up-to-date with your website to prevent the bad guys from prospering.

Top Priority

This is a priority service that will restore your WordPress Hacked Website in a day or less, making sure that hackers won't visit you again.

Our Guarantee

Peace of mind 60 day guarantee period. If your website is hacked again during the guarantee period we will clean your site FREE OF CHARGE.

Fix Your Hacked WordPress

Get in touch with us today for us to start your hacked website repair to get back in control of your website and where it belongs, in your hands.

About FixMyWP

We are the Co-organisers of the 1st WordCamp in Athens as well as small business sponsors of WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Boston. Your hacked website will be in the safest hands with us with all of our expertise in WordPress Hacked Websites.

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