Douglas Dierking and

Posted on October 18, 2014

The company that hosts my web page was blocking messages sent from my customers.  None of their messages were reaching me and I was losing business and creating an angry clientele.

I contacted Makis and he quickly replied with what he thought the problem might be along with a price quote.  I sent in my money and immediately regretted paying him...the price was so reasonable and he was so responsive, I convinced myself that was a scam.

He soon proved my wrong!  Makis worked very hard on my WP issue, and this was during a weekend.  He was very responsive to my emails as he was fixing the issues on my site, sending me progress updates along the way.  It took a few days but he got my WP page running smoothly again and now my customers are able to reach me!

I actually felt bad that he gave my issue so much time and attention that I offed to pay him extra.  Like a true professional he refused the extra money and stuck with his original quote.

It's not often that I'll go out of my way to endorse another business but if you are having any WP problems, definitely contact, I know I will.

Doug,  Savannah Georgia, USA