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Posted on December 4, 2014

At my company, most of our clients have Joomla! based Web sites that we design and maintain, but a few of our clients have WordPress sites. Just recently one of our WordPress clients performed an update that shifted text and disabled widgets across his site. With an average hit ratio of 2k per day, we jumped on this situation and spent around 10 hours researching and trying to repair this issue ASAP when we came upon a site called “FixMyWP” and corresponded with Makis.

He responded to our request within an hour, reviewed the site, and offered his solution with quick, accurate, and superb customer service. This issue was resolved within an hour and our client was praising us for a quick response and in turn we were praising Makis for saving our skin.

In an industry that is customer service driven, “FixMyWP” wins hands down and now has a loyal customer for life.

Never let the price of a service determine the quality until you have tried it first hand.
-Jonathan, Murphy North Carolina, USA

Jonathan Fleischer