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Posted on August 12, 2015

A client suddenly decided to have an “Internet Expert” move the HTML site to a new host. When the WP installation and theme that I had previously installed did not work correctly, the theme designer told me that the problem was outside the theme’s scope. So I had to contact the hosting company, who told me that they are not set up to handle WordPress issues.

I had read every codex that the theme designers had sent me, to no avail.

So I searched for a real WordPress expert who could be fast, reliable, affordable, and trustworthy. After some preliminary research of the sites that ranked the highest, I selected, which asked me to give them a brief summary of what my problems consisted of.

I was pleasantly surprised when Makis responded within 15 minutes. We agreed on a price and he went to work immediately, repairing everything beyond my satisfaction within 90 minutes. He kept me in the loop all the way and told me what he was doing.

The bottom line is that a complete stranger, whom I can now trust, fixed a serious problem and now my client is very satisfied.

Makis made me look good and the cost was well within my budget. I would recommend him to anyone in an instant.

Peter Lyons Hall