FixMyWP is a go-to source for web development whether you're a boutique blogger or pining for professional help.

After using various web developers with varying success, FixMyWP was able to adroitly answer my site's needs as it prepared to launch.

Simply stated, in the way of price, speed and professionalism FixMyWP offers a service that's hard to match.

We were looking for someone with good knowledge of wordpress.

What we found was not only someone who was able to fix our multiple issues we had, but very patient with us (considering our lack of know how about our own webpage), AND a terrific value !

Thanks again for all you did for us.

You have a client for life !

Frank Koempel

Fix My WP was so professional and quick to respond.

I had accidentally crashed my site while trying to copy and paste code, and Makis was able to tell me right away what time frame it would be up and running again.

I also was having some problems using my WP theme, and he helped me but up the social media icons in the right place, add a widget area to my theme and went above and beyond the price I paid with extra advice and tips thrown in.

Thanks again!

Trisha Olson

Great value, great service!
After my site crashed following a WordPress upgrade, I spent two full days glued to the computer, reading support threads, talking to my hosting company to try and fix the problem, and generally going a bit mad.
When I finally admitted that it was too complex to fix by myself, I got in touch with the professionals.
Makis at Fix my WP was straight on the case and within a couple of hours had solved all the incompatibilities between the theme and my various plug-ins, and all for a price that was much cheaper than that offered by his main competitors.

I’m telling you, next time I get a problem with my site, I’m going straight to this guy.

Tim Kelsall

Recently I had switched themes on my WordPress site and there were issues with how the new theme was operating.
I contacted the theme developer, my web host provider, frantically searched for answers on Google and combed through topics on forums associated with the theme and WordPress.
But, my problem did not get resolved.

Finally after searching for fixes I found FixMyWP.com, sent a request and in less than 2 hours from contacting Makis the problem was resolved.

Makis saved the day (and my sanity).

Highly recommended.

Jim Ordway

I found the service outstanding!
I had what I considered to be a serious problem with my WordPress website – and Makis quickly identified and solved the problem.

Makis is prompt, curious, and professional.

I would definitely use this service again; and recommend it to others!

Eugene Jackson

This service is excellent.
I got a quick reply when I submitted my problem and Makis walked me through what he was doing step by step.

I'll definitely use this service again when I run into any problems with WordPress.

Overall, top notch work!

Jake Arthur

Makis rocks!
He took care of my site when it went down for the first time in five years of heavy use and increasingly heavy traffic.

The breakdown couldn't have come at a worse time, and that's when Makis is at his best.

There were some dark hours before I found Makis, but he got me back up and running even better and faster than before.
Look no further.

Shannon Drawe

I loved the process that Makis and I went through in order to find out what was wrong with my wordpress admin and theme.
He was very patient and friendly to work with. Chatting through Skype really helped me feel comfortable and secure throughout the whole process.

He was appropriately responsive to emails and chatting which is really important to me.

Through his explanation of things, I was able to find the best theme and organization for my site.
Excellent service.
I will go to him again for any issues with my wordpress.

Megan Pangan

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for rescuing my infected blog so quickly at such a reasonable price.

I love the way you immediately got back to me, analyzed the problem and fixed it the next day.
You are awesome!

Makis, you now have a customer for life!

Jamie Greenberg