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Why Use an Exclusive Email Hosting Service Instead of the one Your Hosting Provides?

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Dedicated Email Hosting Services Email is an important part of doing business. Many web hosting companies provide an email address to go along with your hosting plan. At... (more)

New WordPress Hack Delivers Ransomware to Site Visitors

WordPress Hack through a Ransomware Malicious attacks are fairly common on shady websites. Staying away from “those” sites has helped users avoid malicious code for a long time,... (more)

What is Google 2-Step Verification and Why You Should Use It

One of the easiest ways that hackers can get access to your WordPress website is by using your login. Why is this? Most users use a 1-step login.... (more)

A Look at WordFence’s 2015 WordPress Security Survey

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WordPress vulnerabilities are real. They can leave your site open to attack by hackers and malware, and leave you looking for a WordPress Hacked Fix. WordPress security issues... (more)

Top 16 WordPress Influencers to Follow for 2016

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Bloggers can make a great impact on how WordPress and businesses are built. This list shows the top 16 WordPress influencers to follow for 2016. Although I don’t... (more)

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins you need to know about

Best WordPress Backup Plugins that you should try One of the most important things you can do for your website is to keep updated backups. Server crashes and... (more)

How to Improve Your WordPress Security

WordPress Security Guide One of the most important things you can do with your WordPress website is to keep it secure. Sites that are not secure are vulnerable... (more)