15 Signs of a Hacked WordPress Website

15 Signs that should alert you for having a WordPress Hacked Website

WordPress is the most famous blogging platform in the world which also makes it as the number one target for hackers and script kiddies.
Hundreds of WordPress Websites are getting hacked each day mostly because their webmasters never paid any attention to the plugins, themes and WordPress core updates that are available in their Dashboard.

Below I'm going to post a list of signals that should alert you for having a Hacked WordPress website. These signs were collected from years of support and cleaning hacked WordPress Sites here on Fix My WP.

15 Signs showing that your WordPress Site has been Hacked

  • Your emails are starting to bounce or sent to spam
  • Your website disappears from google's index
  • Spammy content or weird ads is added to your site
  • Your WordPress website is slow or crashes with 500's errors
  • Your bandwidth usage is skyrocketing
  • Your traffic is decreasing day by day
  • Your Google Webmaster Tools account is receiving notices and warnings for having malicious code on your website
  • Your homepage is redirecting to another website
  • Searching your website in google with site:yoursite.com returns weird viagra or other recreational pharmaceuticals check meta titles and descriptions(pharma hack)
  • Weird search keywords like viagra landing on your page
  • Weird admin usernames show up in your WP Dashboard user page
  • Browser Screen of Death, this is the "This site may be hacked" warning that you may get when visiting your website with your fav browser
  • White Screen of Death(WSOD) where your website loads an empty white page
  • Weird Code Fragments Live at the Top of Bottom of Your Website
  • When taking a look at your browser loading bar you notice weird content loading from external sources

If you WordPress website has been hacked then you must act asap because Google and other search engines will start removing your pages from their index.

Fix My WP can help you recover your WordPress Hacked Site in just a few hours while we will provide our cleaning services for free in case you get hacked again. This offers is valid for 5 days after the delivery date.

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