Malware Notice when using AdThrive

Posted on March 17, 2016 at 7:45 pm

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No Comments and AdThrive

These last 24 hours I received many WordPress Hacked Support Requests for sites that were displaying a "This site ahead contains malware" warning when browsed with Google Chrome.

All of them had three things in common:

  • Site reported wasn't their own site but
  • All warnings were displayed when browsing sites with Google Chrome.
  • All of those sites are using the AdThrive Ad Network plugin.

All the sites that I was asked to check for malware show as clean. I scanned their site's content and database but I didn't find anything suspicious. For that reason I asked my clients to reach AdThrive and ask more info on this.
AdThrive replied that this is a Malware Bug that hit Top Publishers while I strongly believe this is something different because the "This site ahead contains malware" warning comes from Google Chrome and not an antivirus.

Update: Upon further research it seems like that is not registered as a domain(and never was) so this can be a kind of domain spoofing.

I will update this blog post the moment I find new info on the Malware Notice when using AdThrive.

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