Marketing Tips for Small Websites

Posted on June 9, 2015 at 5:04 am

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One of the easiest jobs nowadays is to make money from the comfort of your own home. This requires you to set up a website in order to connect with your customers and distribute your product. Maintaining a successful website can be a stressful task. Small business owners often struggle with keeping their own website up to date. It is also often the case that they come to a standstill as they wouldn’t know what works and what wouldn’t. When I first started my own business this used to be my own hurdle. Through my experience I hope that I can provide you with a few ideas of what you can do to boost up your website in order to generate more traffic thus more customers, which hopefully equals to more profit.


One of the best marketing strategies and one of the most exciting things to do online is blogging. This refers to keeping your clients informed with content that doesn’t necessarily have to do with sales. When I first started my first blog I had no idea of what I wanted to write or do and it took me a while to figure it all out. However, I can say that it gave my business a boost. Blogging gives your small business the opportunity to establish itself and develop expertise within a particular field. Doing it frequently or at least twice a week increases the chance for your website to come up on search engines.


A focus on your website’s content is of utmost important. This is what attracts customers to your site. Besides, search engines scan website content thoroughly and the more matches your site has, the more successful it is. It gets ranked high up in the search, making your site more accessible to users. Another important point is that your website’s content has to be relevant if you want to have a successful website. Think of why people would want to come to your website.

Your website’s content can never be too much. The more content you have the better. It has a greater chance of coming up on the search engine if it has more content. Keep in mind however, that what your post has to be fresh otherwise your website will look outdated. Try to maintain a recurrent schedule of adding fresh content to your website.

Organizing your website

A well-structured website is by nature a user-friendly one. This is what your customers need. Customers are so rushed to be accommodated that if your site is complicated and scattered, they will automatically click the X button. Consequently, your business would have missed out on a sale opportunity. However, let’s be optimistic. Avoid this by structuring your website in sections with content which is grouped and presented in key points and bullets. This makes your content easier to follow. To seal the deal, don’t forget the headline. This is of utmost importance. Headlines capture customer’s attention. Therefore make sure that they are eye-catching. Style and appearance need to be also in order. Visual images help users get a better gist of how your website functions. However, too many images can be overwhelming.

An online business requires ongoing exposure since customers do not see your shop window whilst walking down the street. They need to be lured into your website for you to make a custom. Due to this fact, it is important that you are always there to attract them by constantly updating your website to continuously make it look fresh.

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