Top 4 Reasons to Show an Under Construction Page to Your Visitors

Posted on May 2, 2017 at 4:52 pm


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With growing number of fantastic WordPress maintenance mode plugins, people have started to use maintenance pages on a regular basis. Instead of coding the entire page from scratch, plugins allow you to set up the whole thing in a matter of minutes. Also, the plugins allow you to have a beautiful page that your visitor will love (yeah, we understand that you might love your own design; but can you really do a better job than a professional designer?)

Whether you're still working on the design and you don't want the domain to be empty, or you are doing fixes that might take you several hours or days to be completed, an under construction page is something you should consider. There's much more to it than you initially thought. In this article, we're about to show you four good reasons to display an under construction page to your visitors.

Will an under construction page negatively impact your site?

Before we start talking about good reasons to show such a page, we would like to answer the question. Many people have developed some sort of a fear of maintenance pages. Let's keep things short - no, adding a maintenance page will not negatively impact your site.

You shouldn't worry about SEO nor your site's future ranking. Try to relax, customize your under construction page and let it naturally exist on your site as soon as you need one. As you start creating content and developing your site, you will be able to leave the maintenance mode without any negative impact. In fact, you can benefit from having the page.

Good things about having an under construction page

Alright; it's time to get rid of that fear. Let's forget about it and focus on good things that will such a page bring to you.

Keep your dignity intact

If you run a website for several consecutive years, you have probably built a relationship with your audience. They have learned to trust you, and they expect your site to be online all the time. They also don't expect to see a broken site when they open it a browser. But sometimes, you will have to do maintenance. You will have to fix a thing or two. Maybe you will need a complete redesign or, hope not, you will get hacked. In that case, you can leave everything in the hands of WordPress experts who will fix things for you. But at the same time, don't neglect your loyal visitors - show them an under construction page. Use it for the apology and a portal through which you'll communicate until your site gets back online.

Raise brand awareness

By showing an under construction page before your site is even ready for the public, you get a chance of putting yourself, your company or product on the market with almost no effort. While you're working on the design and working on the last pieces of your site, this "coming soon page" will let you show the most relevant info about your product.

Most of the plugins will let you upload your logo, write headlines and add images that will help you promote the product even before you're ready to do so. So, instead of letting people see a broken site, you will let them know that you care about what you do. And by displaying your logo, you can prepare visitors for the product you're about to launch (it doesn't matter if it is a physical or digital product, a website or something else). Got a catchy name? Show it here. Have you prepared a video for the product? Let you visitors see it directly from the page.

Connect with your audience

In the modern world, social media is an imperative. Whether you're starting a solo business, running a large corporation or trying to launch a new product, you will have to let people follow you on social media. Which ones, it's up to you. It will most certainly depend on the market, the product and sometimes even your location.

With an under construction page, you can easily show social media icons and allow people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other social media. So, even if you're months away from having a site online, you can start presenting yourself to the audience.

Collect emails

Although social media is at its peak, email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways of reaching the audience. If you embed a subscription form on your coming soon page, you can let people become part of your universe way before you have your site up. By putting the form on the page, you will let people know that you care about them and that you will let them know once the site is up and running. Since those visitors opened your site in such an early stage, they will be more likely to leave you an email address.

Of course, by having people's emails, you get to create a stronger relationship. You can more easily turn those users into customers. And although your site isn't ready yes, you can show them products via email and entice them to purchase it when available. And this is just your starting point.

How to quickly build a professional under construction page

When it's time to create one for yourself, there are a few ways to go. You can create an entire maintenance page from scratch. You can choose a WordPress theme for the job, or install a plugin that will handle things for you. If you're not a designer or simply have no time to build a custom page, we suggest a free plugin that will do the work for you.

Under Construction Page is completely free, and it will put your site in the maintenance mode in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is select a theme you like, fill in the content, and choose users you still want to see the regular site (for example, you'll want to exclude admin who will need to see the original website while fixing things).

After just a few clicks, you'll have a professionally designed under construction page that your visitors will love.

Do you use under construction pages when building new sites or fixing existing ones? What info do you put on the page? Let us know in the comments.

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